JetTec Epson E71 Multipack Remanufactured Inks

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Jet Tec compatible inkjets are a cost effective alternative to original products.

Jet Tec inkjet cartridges and laser toner cartridges are made in the UK by DCI Ltd and are compatible with the latest and most popular types of printers.

All components and ink are produced in the UK based factory. The high quality Jet Tec ink results in exceptional print quality on all types of media. Jet Tec is an ISO9001 registered company and all inkjets are covered by a 100% quality guarantee.


OEM manufacturer: Epson
Colour: BCMY Multipack
Type: Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridge
Jet Tec Reference: 101E007121
Capacity: Standard
Ink Amount: 1 x 7.4ml^, 3 x 5.5ml^
Compatibility: Stylus: D120, D78, D92, DX4000, DX4050, DX4400, DX4450, DX5000, DX5050, DX6000, DX6050, DX7000F, DX7400, DX7450, DX8400, DX8450, DX9400F, S20, S21, SX100, SX105, SX110, SX115, SX200, SX205, SX210, SX215, SX218, SX400, SX405, SX410, SX415, SX510W, SX515W, SX600FW
Stylus Office: B40W, BX300F, BX310, BX600FW, BX610FW
Support: For installation and support information, please visit

^This cartridge contains 1 x 7.4ml, 3 x 5.5ml of ink. When the printer determines that this cartridge(s) has reached its end of life, some ink may remain in the cartridge(s).


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